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Memorable Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunting Trips

Bighorn Sheep Hunting Trips

If you want to experience one of the most unique sheep hunts in the country, contact our team at Juniper Mountain Outfitters for more information on our bighorn sheep hunts.

Bighorn sheep hunting in unit 42 in Southwestern Idaho

Our experienced guides will lead you on a 7-day, one-on-one bighorn sheep hunt for just $10,000! There is a total of 6 permits available: 3 permits for hunts running Aug. 30 – Sept. 14, and the other 3 permits are available from Sept. 22 – Oct. 8.

Tag fees

  • Non-resident hunting license $195.00

  • Non-resident bighorn sheep tag $2,626.75

  • Archery or muzzleloader permit $81.75

  • Controlled hunt application fees $45.75

The application period begins on April 1 and all applications must be received by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game by April 30. We can handle the application process for you as long as you can pay the proper fees. Hunt cost does not include the following:

  • General license fee of $195.00, the controlled hunt application fee of $45.75, and the sheep tag fee of $2,626.75 – which comes to a total of $2,867.50 plus tax.

Information we'll need to purchase your tag:

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Last four digits of social security number

  • Height and weight

  • Color of hair and eyes

  • Date of birth

  • Driver’s license number and expiration date

  • Proof of a completed hunter/bow hunter safety course

  • Non-resident hunting license $195.00

  • DAV Hunting License $31.75

  • Non-resident elk tag $651.75

  • Non-resident deer tag $351.75

  • Non-resident bear tag $231.75

  • Non-resident mountain lion tag $204.50

  • Non-resident wolf tag $31.75

  • Archery or muzzleloader permit $81.75

  • Controlled hunt application fees $18.00 each

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