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Thrilling Mountain Lion

Hunting Trips

Mountain Lion Hunting Trips

If you want to embark on an unforgettable hunting trip through the beautiful wilds of Idaho, a mountain lion hunt with one of our guides from Juniper Mountain Outfitters is sure to exceed your expectations.

Mountain lion hunts in units 40 and 42 in Southwestern Idaho

Mountain lion season runs from Nov. 25 through March 31. Lion hunts are usually 7 days long and cost $6,000. This does not include any license fees, tag fees, or taxes.

Tag fees

  • Non-resident hunting license $195.00

  • Non-resident mountain lion tag $204.50

  • Archery or muzzleloader permit $81.75

The application period for this hunt runs from May 1 - June 5. All hunts are 7-day, 1-on-1 and exact dates will be determined after draw results are in.

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